A day of Jew Town, cafes, ferry and long walks

I came from Wayanad to Kochi(by bus) on Nov 5th 2021.

I planned for Kochi only for one day. I wanted to visit Jew Town & Jew Synagogue. Because I started to get fascinated about a new/mixed culture and places after visiting Pondicherry.

Kochi is a big town, but I…

Story of a hilltop, beautiful views, new friends & long rides.

I came to Wayanad(on 30th Oct 2021) from Murudeshwar

Route: Murudeshwar (bus) -> Mysore (bus) -> Kalpetta, Wayanad (auto)-> Zostel.

By the time I came to Zostel, it was 12.30 pm. Before the day was hectic with scuba diving…

Good luck with 30 days challenge and everything you do 🙌👍

Manoj Surya

I write about everything I learnt to become better at life , endurance, health, books, reading and building products

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