That’s what I did for 18 months and it’s cheaper than office space

I was doing a startup a few years back and I ran out of money. I and my friends used to live in a nice flat but at that time we did not have chairs and tables to work from home.

Firstly, we were 6 people in 2 BHK, so…

Took me 2 mins but gave me peace of mind.

Last few weeks, I got addicted to social media.

I would check Twitter, then Facebook, LinkedIn and get struck on Instagram stories, reels and posts for 40 mins, or even 60 mins sometimes towards the end.

I wanted to work on one at a time. I realised I am following…

You can run when you can walk properly

In this pandemic, no one knows how to react to our new normal, because this is the first time we are facing something like this.

Staying at home, being scared of what will happen tomorrow for months together, isn’t our forte.

Few people can do well in this time and…

Accept without judgement. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have many friends whose mental sanity hit badly in 2020. Few lost focus on their work and day. Few stopped talking to people. Few felt helpless because they feared going out would harm them and started panicking even while at home.

For me, 2020 was fine because I am…

Good luck with 30 days challenge and everything you do 🙌👍

These will help you and others keep safe and sane

If you want to help yourself and others in this pandemic. Here are few things you could do.

1) Wear your mask(if you have to go out).

2) Stay home as much as possible.

3) Take your vaccine(if you are…

You will be remembered

I met Mani Kiran in 2013 in CIE, IIITH and he just re-joined CIE Team. A year or two before us he worked for few months in the team. Srinivas Kollipara was heading CIE at that time. By that time I and Raghu have already joined…

You are as good as how you keep yourself up, despite how deep you fall

Last month, if you had a camera secretly inserted into my room’s roof corner to watch me through your computer. …

If one interest takes a back seat. You always have another to pursue.

Turning your passion into something that pays you is great. But, I am talking about something you do outside your work(even if your primary passion is what you are working on).

Your work has so many variables…

Manoj Surya

I write about everything I learnt to become better at life , endurance, health, books, reading and building products

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