You can run when you can walk properly

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In this pandemic, no one knows how to react to our new normal, because this is the first time we are facing something like this.

Staying at home, being scared of what will happen tomorrow for months together, isn’t our forte.

Few people can do well in this time and put inspiring posts. Sometimes it is others and sometimes it could be you.

People who are thriving should not be influenced by one another. People who are thriving should thrive because they found their routine for it. …

Accept without judgement. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I have many friends whose mental sanity hit badly in 2020. Few lost focus on their work and day. Few stopped talking to people. Few felt helpless because they feared going out would harm them and started panicking even while at home.

For me, 2020 was fine because I am introverted and sitting in my room and working on my own things was normal. I used to run and cycle in the early morning. So never went into crowds. But still had ‘My Time’.

Early 2021 I had a lower back issue and stopped going out and two months into…

Good luck with 30 days challenge and everything you do 🙌👍

These will help you and others keep safe and sane

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If you want to help yourself and others in this pandemic. Here are few things you could do.

1) Wear your mask(if you have to go out).

2) Stay home as much as possible.

3) Take your vaccine(if you are able to find a slot).

4) Eat healthy, exercise at home. If you don’t have a disability or medical restrictions, you should do it, at least a little.

5) Stop criticizing people whoever is posting any fun stuff or promoting themselves or their business. …

You will be remembered

I met Mani Kiran in 2013 in CIE, IIITH and he just re-joined CIE Team. A year or two before us he worked for few months in the team. Srinivas Kollipara was heading CIE at that time. By that time I and Raghu have already joined. Raju Garu has joined after a while.

I found Mani Kiran to be too fishy at first. Because he was too nice. He was too helpful. In fact, I found him to be boastful about how good he is at work and he said he can get anything done. If…

You are as good as how you keep yourself up, despite how deep you fall

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Last month, if you had a camera secretly inserted into my room’s roof corner to watch me through your computer. You would see me sticking my back to my chair until I badly felt the need to sleep.

It was scary to sleep. I didn't want to sleep. The pain was exaggerating day by day.

A couple of months ago, I finished a Marathon (42.2km run). I got a bit of invincible feeling about how much I can run within this year and next year…

If one interest takes a back seat. You always have another to pursue.

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Turning your passion into something that pays you is great. But, I am talking about something you do outside your work(even if your primary passion is what you are working on).

Your work has so many variables and always not in your control. Let’s say you are a marketeer, you cannot predict the exact outcomes until the campaign is done. If you are an artist, you cannot always sell immediately, even worse, it takes a lot of time for a few art pieces to sell.

You need…

6 ways I screwed up my fitness and how I am resolving them

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If you asked me a year ago, A full marathon (42.2km) looked near impossible and thought only the fittest of people can finish that distance. Fast forward after 14 months (make it 12 because we had 2 months lockdown). I finished an unofficial full marathon and but I am not close to being fit.

Finishing a marathon needs a good aerobic system and muscular endurance which comes with practice. And I did practice religiously. But there are a ton of things I did not take care of…

Do what works for you and find a community that supports you while you do it.

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I am a part of a few Triathlon Facebook communities. Given triathlon consists of three sports.

This sport pushed me in a lot of ways(as of now only running and cycling). This means I need to do 3 days of each while managing my strength, nutrition, sleep. I cannot just sleep for 5 hours and expect to train every day nor I can eat junk every day and expect to have a well-running system.

Long distances in runs and cycling mean fueling while on…

Use this checklist for your 1st Marathon (like I did)

I finished my first (unofficial) marathon last week and I created a checklist so I would not forget anything for the event. I will also give a short description of each so you know which/where to buy few of them.

Towards the end, I added a few more points that I learnt and will use for future race(s). Also while few or many of these may look silly. Forgetting any of them will have a huge impact. So every smallest thing and details should be in the checklist.

Hydration bag — This has a 1-litre pack to fill water and…

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I write about everything I learnt to become better at life , endurance, health, books, reading and building products

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